High Filter Efficiency >99.99%
Multi-layer filtration with particle box filtration provides efficiency of up to 99.99%. The TECMEN filtration prevents siphoning in toxic particles, soot and other contaminants for a safe and refreshing breathing experience.
High Filter Efficiency
High Quality Motor
High-quality brushless motor, strong air volume, low power consumption, ultra-quiet running and up to 3 times longer motors life.
Intelligent Air Supply
Respirator motor automatically adjusts power and air-flow depending on the degree of blockage of the filter box. The intelligent control, provides a stable and clean air flow supply, keeping the users comfortable at all times.
Real-time Display Indicator
Real-time monitoring displays the air-flow, battery power, particulate matter and filter box blockage for the welder. When the filter is blocked beyond sufficient air-supply or the respirator is low, a warning lamp will flicker automatically and the respirator will sound and vibrate. The triple alarm system will alert the welder to ensure complete safety at all times.
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