TECMEN Science and Technology Protection Research Center
As an internationally recognized pioneer in the R&D field, TECMEN has always adhered to the path of independent in-house R&D operations. The strategic focus of product development and listening to our customers has formulated a strategy of technological innovation. Based on the latest international technology and TECMEN's experience gained from serving users all over the world, in 1992, a professional research centre was built to focus on innovation and protection technology. As part of this investment, product development and testing is providing technical support to our partners across the world.
TUV Rheinland is Germany's largest product safety and quality certification Authority; it is a German government recognized inspection authority. With FCC, CE, CSA and UL, CSA is one of the most highly accredited third-party testing and certification authorities in the world.
It is an authoritative certification organization alongside FCC, CE, CSA and UL, one of the most authoritative third-party testing and certification organizations in the world.
TECMEN Science and Technology Protection Research Center is equipped with the most advanced equipment and testing methods in the industry. Awarded 72 patents across the world, our laboratory has been recognized by the German TUV and is the world leader in the industry.

In-depth understanding of customer needs, 
to provide customized PPE solutions

Assessing risks
Custom design & solutions
Selection of protective equipment
Protection effectiveness verification
User/maintenance training

TECMEN products lead the way with the following through DIN, EU, CE, CSA, AS/NZS, EAC, KCS, ANSI, NIOSH and other international authority certifications.

TECMEN's global authority certifications demonstrate the commitment to our customers, ensuring our products meet the most stringent global testing and certification requirements. Our ongoing commitment has built strong global branding recognition with the confidence that every TECMEN product is of the highest quality.

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