iMUX Series ADF820SG iMUX
1/1/1/1 Highest Optical Rating

High Resolution Lens Technology

Large View 95 x 85 mm With 4 Independent Sensors

Shade Range 5-8/9-13 for More Welding Applications

Low Amperage TIG Rated ≥2 amps DC(AC)

Shade Range 5-8/9-13
For most welding/cutting applications, also including grinding mode.
Ultra Large View 97x62mm
With 4 independent sensors, allows to weld in complex environment.
Pivot Headgear Design
Adjustable pivot headgear, well-balanced design, maximum comfortable feelings, lock function in upright state.
Highest Optical Class 1/1/1/1
Top quality ADF lens, optical class: 1/1/1/1, which can provide ultra-clear view and best protection for users’ eyes.
Exclusive High Resolution Lens Technology
High resolution lens technology brings high-definition visual experience, increases eyes comfort, and reduces fatigue greatly, especially for long time welding job in Industrial field.
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