iEASY Series ADF735S
Lightweight and Easy Operation

Large View with 4 Independent Sensors

External Grind / Shade Control

Low-battery Indicator

Battery Capacity Test 

Battery Replaceable for Longer Life

Adjustable Shade 9-13/Sensitivity/Delay Infinitely
Knob design with clear interface, you can easily adjust parameters to achieve shade at any value from 9-13, delay from 0.1 to 1.0 seconds, sensitivity from low to high level.
Switch to Grinding without Taking off Your Gloves
After your welding job, just rotate the outside external knob and you can start grinding.
Powerful Arc Sensors
This product builds two arc sensors inside, each sensor can work independently and detect welding arcs easily.The arc sensor focuses on the welding arcs without any interference from surroundings.
Comfortable and Light Weight Welding Mask
Adjustable headgear for operator comfort.
High-impact resistance Nylon material, light but strong.
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